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What is Mega888?

When we talk about Mega888, we talk about stability, we talk about speed, we talk about variety, and most importantly, we talk about security. Mega888, designed for android and ios iPhone, is a game-changing online casino app, largely considered to be the best online sources for online casino games, it came crashing into the online casino scene like a meteorite and left an impact so big, gaming online will never be the same again.

If we want to talk about setting trends and setting standards, Mega888 online slots just has to be the first name to pop onto our minds. But we are ahead of ourselves here, let’s rewind a bit. The world is changing, much like what it has been doing for the past millennium or so. In recent years there has been a trend of casinos moving alone, and if this does not sound like good news for you, then you have simply not been paying enough attention.

Online casinos are better, faster, more convenient, and more efficient. If gaming is done online, shopping can be done online, then the most reasonable progression next, would be gambling with online casino games. Gambling with online casino games comes with a wholly different set of rules. It’s like a new world, and it can be overwhelming for gamblers that had just made the shift from playing at a land-based casino to an online casino. Lucky for us, playing at online casinos is extremely easy to pick up and learn.

What differentiates online gaming from offline gaming is the ease of access of online gaming, plus the flexibility of gameplay hours and adaptability of gameplay rules, these traits are what is considered to be the main source of appeal for players to hop online to gamble instead of visiting a land-based casino just to play a few slot games.

Launched in 2015 and still going strong even after five years, Mega888 is an electronic, app-based online casino that operates in Asia. Mega888 is an app that is compatible with both android and ios iPhone, It is a gaming platform that is especially famous in the southeast Asia region, in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Mega888 is designed to provide the most exquisite online gaming experience for both casual and hardcore players alike. After years of writing about online casinos, we have to say: Mega888 might just be the most popular online casino right now in the online world, if not the best online casino in the scene, one might argue that it is the most reliable and beloved casino not only according to online standards but also comparable to the real world and international standards as well.

What makes Mega888 such an amazing and celebrated gaming platform? We will find out today with the below Mega888 Review.

Mega888 Casino Security

Mega888 casino security

The first thing that comes to mind when we are evaluating an online casino is not the content, it is not the design, it is not the consumer base and it is certainly not about how much money we can make there.

To an experienced player, the profit is not the goal, the aim is to have fun, socialize through gambling and just have a relaxing time. Of course, all of these are impossible if you are playing at an online casino that is not secured, to begin with.

Security is important because security is assurance, and with assurance comes trust, and with trust, comes satisfaction — which brings forth positive reviews and builds a solid reputation based on a reliable brand image.

Casino security at Mega888 makes sure that you, the consumer, whether you are running on android or ios iPhone, whether you are playing through mega888 apk or mega888 test id, will always playing without having to worry about your own privacy or safety, Mega888’s security makes sure that a satisfying, ultimate gaming experience with Mega888 is not merely a promise, but a hard, solid fact.

Casino security is everything, and Mega888, as one of the textbook examples of a reliable and top-ranking online casino, already has it covered. Mega888 is not an online casino that will overlook such a significant feature. The security systems at Mega888 are nothing short of world-class, it has a top-notch firewall which makes it virtually impossible for accounts to be hacked and identities or any other personal information of Mega888 users to be stolen. It is also important to note that:

  • Both mega888 on android and mega888 ios iPhone are licensed sites accredited by multiple organizations, you can verify this by visiting the mega888 site.
  • The mobile app and the apk for Mega888 feature a two-factor authentication via linking between email and online casino app, so you can log into your mega888 account without having to worry.
  • The online casino is armed with secure payment gateways such as Eeziepay and Help2pay, you can rest assured knowing that all transactions made with Mega888 is shielded and guarded.
  • Safe and secure apk download for all Mega888 users, useful test id available for users who wish to try out the mega888 app before signing up for an account. You can find the test id details are available below.
  • Features 128-bit encryption of personal information and account passwords, for all android users and mega888 ios users.
  • Reliable and 100% stable mega888 apk download site at, users can download mega888 here without worrying about scam or virus. Mega888 guarantees a safe and easy access to download the Mega888 apk file for everyone who wishes to game with Mega888.

With such a sophisticated system for defense, gaming at Mega888 is as safe as it can be. This statement does not come from us alone, multiple other online casino review sites and blogs who had download mega888 for review have nothing but positive things to say about Mega888’s reliability as an online casino.

Until today, breach of user information or privacy is unheard of when it comes to Mega888, not to mention that Mega888’s business model is transparent, meaning that they are entirely honest with their customers. Users at Mega888 will not be expecting hidden charges or confusing jargon in their casino’s policy, click on the button at the end of the page to download mega888 now and see for yourself. You can learn more on how to download Mega888 here.

Games Available at Mega888

Games available in mega888

Content, is also, one of the main and everlasting impressions of an online casino. Online casinos are, undoubtedly, considered to be a gaming platform, and an online casino without good games is like a cinema that has no showing time.

You have gained the trust of your consumers with a sophisticated security system, next, you would need good content, and Mega888 has the perfect catalog of games for their members to enjoy. Mega888 offers a wide variety of great games on both android and ios iPhone. This includes:

Slot Games

Slot games are Mega888’s main attraction because they are simply the best. The selection of slot games available to be played at Mega888 is endless. The online casino has slot games featuring a whole bunch of different themes, specifically designed from players with different preferences in gaming, and comes from different backgrounds or age groups.

The point is, there are enough slot games at Mega888 for just about everybody, no one will feel left out when it comes to playing at Mega888. Some of our favorite slot games at Mega888 include Spartan, the slot game based on the greek soldiers who pride themselves of their bravery, persistence, and strength, and Discovery, the slot game based on the famous American story about Pocahontas, the native American woman notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

These two slot games are our favorite to play at Mega888 because they are just so rich in gameplay lore and background, the thematic layer is thick, and playing a slot game such as this is like reading an interesting storybook. Of course, if you are looking for cheerful, relaxing music and bright colors in a slot game that just pops out of the screen and grabs your attention, then you might want to check out the featured slot game at Mega888 this month, such as Thai Paradise and Cherry Love.

Warning: both Thai Paradise and Cherry Love are slot games designed for adults above the age of 18 years old only, they are considered to be a type of mature theme game not suitable for children, so be advised! The game is mature, erotic, and slow-paced, making it a perfect place to spend time during a slow evening at home. 

Download Mega888 for android and ios iPhone now to see just what kind of content you are missing out. You can choose to either opt for android and ios iPhone app download or apk download to access the mega888 phone, it is entirely up to you.

Fishing Games

Fishing games should need no introduction, they are the most viral form of the game at an arcade right now. Everywhere you go people are piling up, surrounding the fishing game table cheering and hyping the players up, we might even consider it to be the most exciting game to come out of an arcade this generation.

What if we tell you, you can now play your favorite fishing game on the go, no queues, no waiting required, and all of this is made possible by Mega888. Fishing games run smoothly on both the Mega888 android for android phones and Mega888 IOS iPhone, the Mega888 app is specifically designed to be optimized for the ios iPhone, meaning iPhone users will get the most out of playing with Mega888.

At Mega888, there are a ton of great fishing games for you fishing game enthusiasts out there to choose from. There are the classics such as Ocean King and Da Sheng Nao Hai, and there are the rising star games that have slowly yet steadily been building up a large enough fan base to rival the classics, this includes Fishing Star and Li Kui Pi Yu.

All of the games mentioned above are fun to play, fast-paced, features a wide variety of interesting gameplay mechanics, adaptable to all kinds of different playstyles, and a great amount of intricately designed mobs to keep the games engaging and interesting.

The difficulty may vary, for example, some veteran fishing game players would prefer Da Sheng Nao Hai over Fishing Star. So at the end of the day, it is entirely up to the player to play all of these games and figure out which fishing game matches their play style best.

Other Live Table Games

Live table game

Mega888 has enough live table casino games to keep their player base entertained for days, weeks, months, and even years. Some great roulette games that are highly recommended at Mega888 include Roulette 0, Roulette 24, Roulette 12, and Roulette 73. Other players might also find Sic Bo, Bulls, Dragon Tiger interesting. These casino games operate at a much different set of rules compared to playing them in real life, so be sure to seek help, tips, and guides from experts before trying them out.

We would also recommend newcomers to check out the arcade game section at Mega888, they are all wonderful and addicting to play. Arcade games run smoothly on android and ios iPhone. Some examples of these arcade games include Monkey Story, Battle World, and Racing Car. Battle World is a game based on Chinese mythology, a unique spin on the more serious tone of Journey to the West, and features multiple famous and fan-favorite characters from well-known legends such as the Monkey King and Sha Zheng.

Racing Cars is an adrenaline-fueled roulette type game and sports car lovers will have a field day betting in this game. To play all the four mentioned games above, visit Mega888 to try out these games for yourself.

Mega888 Test ID Demo Play

Mega888 test Id demo

You can use the test ID made for players to test Mega888 games by keying in the test id details below. The test ID is completely free, there is no deposit required, no hidden charges, Mega888 is made for you to try out all the best games available at the best online casino in the world.

Mega888 Test ID

Account: test1 – test10000,Password: Aa1234

Mega888 Download

For either mega888 download for android, mega888 download for ios iPhone, or mega888 apk download, you can visit the mega888 download site at

Mega888 is an app that is compatible with both android and ios, however, you will have to be sure that the apk that you download is chosen from the right link so that the apk will be compatible with either your android phone or ios iPhone. To use the test id listed above, you would have to download mega888 first. Instructions on how to download mega888 are already listed in the mega888 download site.


Although some improvements have to be made regarding the accessibility of the mega888 apk file to ease the apk download process, the conclusion here is that Mega888 has everything that a gamer would wish for in what is largely considered as a gaming paradise.

The casino design is both appealing and user-friendly, it is designed to be pleasing to look at and easy to navigate so players will have no trouble learning how to use the app. Mega888 is safe, secured, easy to access, and fun to hang out. Mega888’s transaction service is also state of the art, all withdrawal processes are quick, smooth and should not take more than 10 minutes; as if the cherry on a cake, the site also supports online banking for all banks, boasting a record of zero transaction fails or misses.

It is certainly impressive, and based on this aspect alone the online casino should already earn your respect. It can not be overstated how Mega888 is the best online casino is not only Asia but on an international level. The Mega888 apk download rate is at an all-time high, now more than ever, you need to jump in on this hype train or risk missing out on some of the best offers and opportunities to secure the bag and make it big by playing with mega888.

The gaming platform is stable and the gaming experience is nothing short of satisfying. Mega888 treats its customers as if all of them are royalty, according to them, customer satisfaction will always be a top priority. Mega888 has a customer service that runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is always on standby to make sure that no customer problems or troubles, questions or demands go unaddressed, which explains why Mega888 has been receiving such an overwhelmingly positive response on both the Apple app store and the google play store.

Yes, to download the Mega888 app, simply visit your app store now and search for the name. You can also choose to download Mega888 by going to and download the Mega888 apk file for manual installation. The Mega888 apk is required for a successful manual installation, for Mega888 apk download on, be sure to click the correct download link so that you can download the correct Mega888 apk file that is compatible with your phone, be it android phone or iPhone.

Mega888 download is easy, smooth and will not take more than 10 minutes of your time, the apk download itself takes less than five minutes. After the download is complete, make sure you follow the instructions listed on the Mega888 download page for a successful apk installation. Installation guides are also separated for iPhone users who use mega888 ios, and mega888 for the android.

With Mega888 on your phone, you will never be bored again because all the best games including your favorite slot game, your favorite fishing game, and many more are all in the palm of your hands. It does not matter where you are, now you can play any high-quality Mega888 game of your choosing in your phone, just a click away.

You can also make money on the side too just by gaming with Mega888. On a lucky day, it is possible to secure a bag as big as 1 million MYR! Not to mention all the amazing special bonuses, event promotions, welcome bonuses, weekly and daily rebates, and more, all available at Mega888. Hundreds of ringgits worth of free credits await you to claim at Mega888, and what’s even better and amazing about it is, some offers refresh daily! 

Don’t forget to refer your friends so they can download Mega888 and join in on the fun too, you can receive a hefty bonus of free credits for each friend that signs up for a Mega888 account based on your referral. The more the merrier, don’t just play your game alone, make sure your friends and family download Mega888 too for the best gaming experience, shared together.

Nothing is perfect, after all, and Mega888 had proven themselves in the past to be able to continuously improve and polish their site through various updates and maintenance. We hope that Mega888 would make the Mega888 download process simpler in the future, and the Mega888 apk for android and ios users even more accessible, so that more people can join in on the fun without having to go through the trouble of seeking for the mega888 download site.

We wish that Mega888 can make a breakthrough in the market so that they can expand their reach outside the continent as well, and no just on platforms such as android and ios iPhone, but available for download for pc and laptop users as well. If until today, you still have not checked out Mega888, we urge that you do so immediately because you are passing on a great opportunity.

Make the right decision and support mega888 by visiting the mega888 download site now. The bottom line is: hesitate no further, join in on the fun at Mega888. A new world of exquisite gaming experience will surely open up to you the moment you choose to play with Mega888.

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